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When you visit this Site, when you move from page to page, read pages, conduct searches, submit information or communications, or download content onto your computer, the Site does not record or collect any personal information. 

Non-persistent cookies may be used only to facilitate functionality during a single Site visit. Cookies do not contain personal information and are not permanently stored for future use. 

CNSX uses this information to find out how many and what type of visitors visit this Site and which sections of the Site are visited the most frequently. This helps CNSX to know what information is most useful and to identify possible improvements to the Site to make it easier for different types of visitors to access the information they require. CNSX records statistical information in the aggregate, based on the numbers of visitors to the Site. As part of the Site operations, it may be necessary for CNSX to share aggregate statistical information or other information with its affiliates and/or suppliers on a need to know basis. By using this Site, users are deemed to have provided their permission to the collection and use of aggregate statistical information for the purposes set out herein. 

WebTrends Live is used to analyze traffic to this Web site. WebTrends Live does not maintain individual profiles for visitors, nor does WebTrends Live collect data that might identify the individual visitor. WebTrends Live only collects aggregate data. Click here for more information about the WebTrends Live privacy policy

CNSX only collects information about identifiable individuals that is provided to us when the individual voluntarily provides the individual’s name, address and any additional details the user chooses to provide electronically in any applications, e-mails or use of the Contact CNSX portions of this Site. Users do not have to give CNSX personal information to visit this Site.  

CNSX has implemented safeguards and security measures in an attempt to protect this information and keep it in strictest confidence. However, data transmissions over the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure. CNSX does not provide any representations, warranties or guarantees that personal information will be protected against loss, misuse or alteration. 

CNSX retains the content of electronic submissions, applications, e-mails or other use of the Contact CNSX portions of this Site, including the e-mail address from which the transmission was sent and responses thereto in order to handle any follow-up. 

Unless otherwise indicated in this privacy statement, the Legal Terms and Conditions, or on a particular web page, none of the information collected is associated with a user as an individual. By using this Site, a user is deemed to have provided the user's permission to the collection and use of information for the purposes set out herein. CNSX reserves the right to change this privacy statement at any time(s) without prior notice by posting a modified privacy statement on the Site.